Traditional Vet Services

Internal Medicine

Patients receive care in all areas of internal medicine. We treat animals with diarrhea, vomiting, kidney and liver problems, pancreatitis, Cushings disease, hypo or hyperthyroidism, congestive heart failure, bladder stones, Colitis, Bronchitis, cancer and many more medical problems.

We use digital radiography and ultrasound, in-house and outside laboratories and our clinical experience to arrive at a diagnosis. Once we have arrived at a diagnosis, we will offer you all the treatment options available and the prognosis. With difficult decisions, we’ll offer you advice on what we’d do if it was our pet.


Our doctors are highly-skilled in routine, soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. Spays, neuters, skin, eye and ear tumor removals, amputations, abdominal exploratories, Splenectomies, Bladder stone removal, Gastrotomies, Enterotomies and Cruciate ligament repairs(TTA and lateral fabellar) are just some of the surgeries we offer.


Skin and ear problems are one of the most common reasons for veterinary visits. Fortunately, most of these pets can be easily treated. If a skin or ear problem becomes chronic, we have a variety of testing methods and treatments available. Our integrative approach helps us to address these problems from several angles.

TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement)

Anterior Cruciate ligament tears effect one million dogs annually in the US. The TTA surgery is a newer procedure that has produced excellent results in most dogs. Both Dr. Whalen and Dr. Bauer perform this procedure at LePar Animal Hospital. We prefer this procedure in larger dogs to both the Lateral Fabellar surgery and the TPLO.


What is cancer? Simply stated, cancer is abnormal cell growth. Because the cells are a natural part of the body, many immune systems fail to recognize abnormal growth as a problem and, therefore, do not eliminate it. Healthy immune systems are capable of keeping cell growth in check. Holistically thinking, cancer is the ultimate failure of immune function.

What are my options for cancer treatment?

Traditional cancer therapy revolves around three basic options: Surgery (cutting it out), chemotherapy (poisoning it out), and/or radiation (burning it out). The prognosis for survival with these options ranges from minimal to complete cure and depends on the cancers type, location, and if the cancer has metastasized.

There are also alternative therapies to offer whole body support through diet and supplements to provide immune boosting, anti-oxidant/free-radical support, to increase natural killer cells, and promote cancer cell apoptosis (death).

At LePar we offer you a variety of both traditional and alternative options to help combat cancer and improve overall quality of life. We recommend scheduling an appointment with Dr. Bauer for traditional therapies (Chemotherapy) or one of our Integrative veterinarians for alternative therapies. With most of our Chemotherapy patients we incorporate diet changes. Our goal is to provide the therapies that are best for your pet and our doctors work closely together to combine our knowledge whether you choose traditional or alternative options.

For information on traditional cancer trials at universities and some veterinary specialty centers please visit


Long a neglected area of pet health care, prophylactic cleaning of teeth prevents gum diseases, halitosis, tooth loss and serious organ infections. LePar has a full regimen of treatment for dental care including routine ultrasonic dental scaling and polishing to the use of a high-speed drill for complicated extractions and other dental procedures. LePar Animal Hospital offers a variety of options to help promote and maintain your pet’s dental health at home.

We also offer digital dental radiology as a part of our comprehensive dental care and treatment. Just as your dentist takes radiographs of your teeth, dental radiology also allows veterinarians the opportunity to look beyond the obvious and better examine teeth and their supporting structures below the gumline – exposing hidden, and often undiagnosed, problems.


A full array of the safest injectable and inhalable anesthetic agents available are routinely used in the surgery areas. All patients undergoing major surgical procedures are routinely monitored by continuous electrocardiogram, pulse oximetry and endtidal carbon dioxide measurements.

Radiology and Ultrasound

X-Ray facilities on the premises enable us to conduct studies from the routine (chest and bone films) to the sophisticated (contrast radiography). LePar Animal Hospital offers the diagnostic advantage of digital radiography. We also offer ultrasonography.

Senior Care

We all know our pets age faster than we do, that is why LePar Animal Hospital offers pets 7 and older a comprehensive program to identify potential liver, kidney, heart and hormonal problems in older pets before they become serious. Arthritis is a painful but all too common affliction in older pets that we combat with a variety of therapies, supplements and medications to make sure your pet remains as pain-free and mobile as possible.


Our veterinary technicians maintain a fully-equipped laboratory permitting onsite evaluations in serology, parasitology, electrolytes and blood chemistries.


A complete inventory of the latest pharmaceuticals, prescription diets and supplements are always on hand to help our staff implement therapies for your pet.

Online Store

For your convenience, LePar has an online store to provide you with and even greater range of prescription and non-prescription items for your pet.


LePar Animal Hospital is proud to offer full service grooming Monday through Saturday. Please talk to our staff about setting up an appointment.


Emergency care is available for your pet. During Office hours we do our best to accommodate as many emergent cases as possible. In the event we are unable to see your pet during an emergency we recommend the following.

  • VEG South Loop
    1114 S Clinton St.
    Unit B
    Chicago, IL 60607
  • Premier Veterinary Group – Orland Park
    7000 W 159th St,
    Orland Park, IL
    (708) 388-3771
  • Emergency Veterinary Care Centers
    8501 Indianapolis Blvd.
    Highland, IN 46322